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Transport & Infrastructure Expertise Group (TIEG) is a registered European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) of consultancy firms, whose members act together, from a legal viewpoint, as a single organisation.  The Grouping was established in 2012 with the objective to leverage on knowledge and expertise of the two founding members, focused on the provision of services in the context of the projects and programmes funded by the European Union and other international donors. This includes the management of the European Commission Framework Contracts designed for implementing short term missions, in particular the identification, formulation and evaluation of the EU funded projects but also the provision of the advisory services to various EU Directorates or the Delegations of the European Union.

The two organisations composing TIEG (Consulting and Management Ltd and TAS Europrojects Ltd) are well established and known in their respective areas of activities, outside and inside the EU.  C&M has a long track record in delivering  a wide range of complex European Union projects / programmes  and TAS is providing engineering supports to various private and public key players of the European Union.

The two organisations had previously worked together in technical assistance projects led by C&M and have decided to join forces for implementing together a number of projects, while keeping their autonomy in their historical domains of activities.  Since the creation of TIEG in 2012, the Grouping has become one of the key actors in providing technical support in transport, infrastructure, water, energy, climate change, ICT, urban development, private sector and job creation.

True to its motto: “Together we can make it better!”, TIEG is developing a network over the world, composed of an increasing number of associate members.

Michel Doumont,

Executive Director


Framework Contract Management

Since 2014 we have been contracted as a leader of Consortia for major Framework Contracts funded by the European Commission.

  • EC, Framework Contract Services for the Implementation of External Aid (SIEA) 2018 (EC, 2019 – 2022), Lot 2 – Infrastructure, sustainable growth and jobs
  • Framework Contract Beneficiaries 2013 (EC, 2014 – 2018), Lot 2 – Transport and Infrastructure

As a partner we have participated in the Framework contracts funded by the European Investment Bank:

  • FWC EIB Lot 3 (2016-2019): Transport.
  • FWC EIB Lot 4 (2016-2019): Smart growth, social infrastructure and Horizon 2020.


Technical Sectors

We provide overall management, coordination and quality control of the framework assignments in the following technical areas:

  • Transport and Infrastructure (incl. roads, railways, harbours, airports, transport safety, buildings, water supply and sanitation, solid waste disposal, engineering construction)
  • Digital technologies and services (incl. broadband connectivity, digital literacy and entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, navigation systems, digital agenda and protection)
  • Earth observation (incl. satellite and meteorological data, space policy)
  • Urban development and Cities (incl. smart cities, social housing, urban mobility and infrastructure, climate-resilient and sustainable urban environments)
  • Sustainable energy (incl. renewable energies, modern Power grids, electrification, energy efficiency, energy services and frameworks, energy sector studies)
  • Nuclear safety (incl. nuclear power plant operation, design safety, safeguards, radio-active waste, offsite emergency preparedness, decommissioning, training)
  • Sustainable waste management incl. public/private management structures
  • Private sector (incl. privatisation, sector policies, SMEs support and policy development, regulatory reform, investment promotion, commercial banking, financial sector, corporate social responsibility)
  • Trade (incl. trade policy and negotiations, regional economic integration, conformity assessment, metrology, standards and norms, Sanitary and Phytosanitary issues, Technical barriers to trade, intellectual property, trade in services, competition, trade and environment, trade defence instruments, trade promotion and market analysis)
  • Employment creation (Labour market and Employment – formal and non-formal) incl. labour force, wage policy and social dialogue.


Full members

TIEG EEIG has been founded with two consultancy companies, Consulting & Management ltd. and TAS Europrojects ltd, and is associated with other organisations spread over the world. The network was established with a view of bringing the best available knowledge and expertise of all member organisations so to strengthen the overall capability of the grouping.


“Together, to reach excellence”

Consulting and Management (C&M) is a dynamic consulting firm, based in the heart of Central Europe, working closely with EU institutions and international organisations.  Since 2005, we have supported the efforts of our clients, mainly national, regional and local authorities, to make their regulatory policies, governance structures and programme management capabilities more effective.

Our activities span two focused areas: “Infrastructure, Sustainable Growth & Job Creation” on the one hand, and “Media, Communication & Events” on the other.  True to our motto “Together, to reach excellence”, we consolidate our partnerships and bring together strengths and energies, through our European economic interests’ groupings TIEG and NOOKOM.  This strategy has been successful and today these brands are well recognised within the community of framework contractors and the Institutions of the European Union.

Our main strengths lie in the high-level capabilities of our motivated and competent staff and consultants in project development and management. Thanks also to our extensive network of partners and experts, both in the EU-27 and in the 160 countries receiving EU aid, we are able to manage a significant number of projects all around the world.  The success of C&M shows that our combination of different horizons is a winning formula for institutional clients who are looking for a thorough understanding of their work, with proven experience in project management, as well as the creativity to find new ideas.

To find out more about Consulting & Management ltd. click here.



Dynamic approach to development & cooperation challenges in the world

TAS Europrojects was established in Brussels in 1993, when a group of independent professionals, after a series of successful consulting experiences acquired in the large companies, decided to join forces. This was with an objective to better serve the consulting market by providing both public and private clients with tailored technical and commercial management assistance in the framework of the new projects and programmes funded by the European Union, in particular in the Candidate Countries -Turkey and Western Balkans regions, but also in the EU South Neighbourhood Countries and other countries benefiting from the EU external aid.

Since then, TAS has developed itself as a dynamic group of professionals operating from Belgium. TAS assists its clients in important development sectors, in particular infrastructure, urban planning, regional and local development, governance, economic modernization and growth. The projects and programmes cover the whole project cycle management, from the programming to the implementation and projects’ evaluations. TAS main clients include the European Institutions (EuropeAid, EIB, EBRD) and other multilateral organizations such as World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Asian and African Development Banks.

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