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TIEG is a registered European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) of consultancy firms, whose members act together, from a legal viewpoint, as a single organisation.  The Grouping, established in 2012, aims at making the best services of its members available for development policies of the European Commission and other international donors. This includes the management of Framework Contracts to supplement the European Commission’s own staff resources by organizing short term missions, such as identifying, preparing, monitoring and evaluating EU (co-)funded projects.

The full members of TIEG are C&M – Consulting and Management Ltd (SK) and TAS Europrojects Ltd (BE).  Both companies are well established and known in their respective areas of activities, outside and inside the EU. C&M is particularly familiar with the management of complex programmes / projects such as the use of EU Structural Funds or the international cooperation instruments of the European Union. TAS is singularly familiar with providing engineering supports to various private and public key players of the European Union.

Both companies, who already used to work together in various projects of Technical Assistance, have decided to merge their forces, in one legal entity, for a number of targeted projects, while keeping their autonomy in their historical domains of activities. TIEG was born, and since then the Grouping has become a key actor in technical support to transports, infrastructures, water, energy, climate change. ICT and urban development.

True to its motto: “Together we can make it better!”, TIEG is developing a network over the world, composed of an increasing number of associate members.


Executive Director and Statutory Representative

Full members

TiEG EEIG has been created by two consultancy companies, Consulting & Management ltd. and TAS Europrojects ltd, and count other associated members. The network was established with a view to bringing the best available knowledge and strengthening common activities from its member organizations.


Together we can make the Difference

CONSULTING & MANAGEMENT, s.r.o., is a dynamic and multi-disciplinary consultancy firm based in the heart of Central Europe, providing high quality services for its primarily public sector clients. C&M works closely with EU institutions and other international organizations. C&M’s skills and experience have been honed through direct involvement in the management of the changes occurring in its own society. The advice that it provides to Governments, Ministries, regional and local authorities in these economies is well-received because the beneficiaries perceive that the Company has experienced the transition and accession processes, directly and practically. The international staff of C&M has an in depth experience of management of various donor funded projects. C&M is active in institutional building frameworks for the different sectors of EU accession and post accession processes, e.g. sound management of Structural Instruments, enhancement of the absorption capacity on the regional and local level, including support for the elaboration of quality proposals eligible for Cohesion Fund and the ERDF financing, as well as support to Transport and Infrastructure Sector Development. C&M principal strengths are in-house team of highly motivated and experienced business developers and project managers, together with main partners who provide outstanding technical support on sectorial level. Thanks to their extensive network of consultants (www.goconsultancy.com) they are able to cover Europe and the rest of the world. C&M have proven capacity to carry out a range of multi-disciplinary studies, and to deliver quality outputs that meet our clients’ expectations.

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Dynamic approach to economic development & cooperation challenges in the world

TAS Europrojects was established in Brussels in 1993, when a group of independent professionals, after a series of successful consulting experiences in large companies and different countries, decided to better serve the consulting market by providing both public and private clients with tailored commercial, networking, technical and management assistance in the framework especially of the new programs and projects in the European Union, the Candidate Countries -Turkey and Western Balkans-, the EU Neighbourhood Countries -specially the South Mediterranean- and in general in the third countries.

Since then, TAS has developed itself as a dynamic group of professionals operating from Belgium. TAS assists its clients in important development sectors in the fields of infrastructure, urban planning, regional and local development, governance, economic modernization and growth, as well as in the whole project cycle management such as: in project identification, proposal preparation and management of projects financed by the European Institutions (EuropeAid, EIB, EBRD) and by other multilateral organizations such as: World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Asian and African Development Banks.

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