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TiEG EEIG is implementing numerous projects under various programs around the world and continually competes for new ones. We are therefore constantly looking for professionals to work with us on long-term and short-term assignments.

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TIEG Consortium’s first Meeting for the new awarded Framework Contract SIEA 2018 of the European Commission

The first TIEG consortium meeting for the new Framework Contract (FWC) SIEA 2018, launched by the European Commission (DEVCO), for lot 2: “Infrastructures, sustainable Growth and Jobs”, took place in Bratislava, Headquarters of TIEG and C&M, on May 17th, 2018. The meeting, chaired by Michel Doumont (C&M), CEO of TIEG and Project Director of the consortium for the new FWC, gathered most of the consortium members, either physically or via teleconference.

The overall demand for infrastructure and technology is expected to significantly increase in the coming decades, driven by factors such as the global economic growth, technological changes, energy challenges, climate change, urbanization, and the intensification of congestion.  The new lot 2 of the FWC SIEA 2018, to which TIEG consortium belongs, covers all those sectors with the key goal to ensure economic and social sustainability.  The lot 2, within SIEA 2018, is a combination of the lots 2, 3, 4, 9 and 10 under the previous FWC BENEF, extended to new fields of development.

It is composed of 10 sectors, divided in 72 sub-sectors:

  1. Transports and Infrastructures (10 sub-sectors)
  2. Digital Technologies and Services (8)
  3. Earth Observation (3)
  4. Urban Development and Cities (5)
  5. Sustainable Energy (7)
  6. Nuclear Safety (7)
  7. Sustainable Waste Management (1)
  8. Private Sector (11)
  9. Trade (16)
  10. Employment Creation (4)

The sectoral spread of this new lot is wide.  Numerous specializations are required: civil engineers, architects, economists, sociologists, environmentalists, physicians, etc., expecting from the consortium evidenced experience and qualified in-house staffing in all of them.

The consortium led by TIEG is composed of consulting companies combining extensive and complementary experiences of international technical assistance projects’ implementation in the various fields of infrastructures and technologies, sustainable economic and social development.   In addition to its Active Members (C&M and TAS), TIEG has proposed a number of partner companies to join with the aim of completing  or consolidating its sectoral strengths: I) DAI (all sectors); 2) EGIS (Transport, Infrastructures, Urban development);  3) ASTEC (ICT); 4) SWS (Waste Treatment, Water); 5&6) NRG and DBE (Nuclear Safety) ; 7) Pohl C&A (Infrastructure, Trade & Private Sector); 8) Schuman Associates: (EU Affairs, ITC and private sector); 9&10) Azimut 360 and Trinomics (Energy); 11&12) IDP and Luxconsult (Waste Management), and 13) ÖSB (Employment).  TIEG is not the sole experienced framework contractor within the consortium. Most of the partners have cumulated experiences of lead entity or partners in previous lots FWC BENEF, the sectors of which are now incorporated in the new lot 2. E.g.: ASTEC (leader lot 3); DAI (leader Lot 10 and partner Lot 4), Pohl C&A (leader Lot 10 and partner Lot 2), SWS (partner lot 2), DBE (partner Lot 4), ÖSB (partner Lot 9), and IDP (partner Lot 10). Members have also experience of FWC EIBAS 2016, such as TIEG (partner lot 3 and 4) and EGIS (leader Lot 3).

The consortium meeting helped the consortium members to understand the organization of the consortium for the FWC lot 2, as well as their respective role in the future offers it will prepare to respond the requests of services that will be launched, as of 1st of June 2018, by the various services of the European Union’s institutions involved in development aid and neighbourhood policy, for the coming months and the next years.

FWC SIEA 2018 Lot2 (2018-2022): Infrastructure, sustainable growth and jobs

The consortium led by TiEG, the European Economic Interest Grouping conducted by Consulting & Management (C&M) in partnership with TAS Europrojects Ltd, has been awarded for the new Framework Contract SIEA 2018. This Multiple Framework Contract aims at recruiting short-term services in the exclusive interest of third countries benefiting from European Union external aid. TIEG is selected for the LOT 2: “Infrastructure, sustainable growth and jobs”.

The other partners within the consortium are DAI Europe Ltd, DAI BRUSSELS SPRL, DAI Global LLC, EGIS INTERNATIONAL SAS, SWS Consulting Engineering – Structures, Water & Survey, S.r.l, ASTEC Global Consultancy Ltd, Pohl Consulting & Associates GmbH, Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group, DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH, AZIMUT 360 SCC, ŐSB Consulting GmbH, SCHUMAN ASSOCIATES SCRL, IDP Ingeniería y Arquitectura Iberia, S.L.U, LUXCONSULT (MAURITIUS) LTD, Trinomics B.V.

The objective of the FWC SIEA 2018 is to provide, via individual assignments, defined and contracted through Specific Contracts, short-term expertise which can be mobilised at very short notice. The quality of the services, which can be performed by internal or external expertise, is guaranteed by the Framework Contractor disposing of the appropriate internal technical skills and resources. The expertise may cover any of the following sector(s) within the Lot 2 “Infrastructure, sustainable growth and jobs”:

  1. Transport and Infrastructures
  2. Digital technologies and services
  3. Earth Observation
  4. Urban Development and Cities
  5. Sustainable Energy
  6. Nuclear safety
  7. Sustainable Waste management
  8. Private sector
  9. Trade
  10. Employment creation (Labour Market and Employment – formal and non-formal)

The expertise cover any geographic area, within or outside the EU.


2018/08 (020) Uganda 2018/399-295, FWC SIEA 2018 LOT2

“Diagnostic Studies N° 2.1 to 2.5 To support the Mid-Term-Review of Uganda’s 2nd National Development Plan (NDP-2) and evaluation of NDP-1: Infrastructure (2.1), Employment (2.2.), Industrialization and Value Addition (2.3), Minerals, Oil and Gas (2.4), Tourism (2.5)”
The overall objective of this Assignment is to To contribute to the Government of Uganda’s successful completion of the Mid-Term Review (MTR) of the 2nd National Development Plan (NDP2) and the end evaluation of the 1st National Development Plan (NDP-1).

2018/07 (001) Malawi 2018/398-570, FWC SIEA 2018 LOT2

“Support to Formulation of a Programme on Entrepreneurship and Financial Inclusiveness”
The overall objective of this Assignment is to assist the Government of Malawi and the EUD formulate a new programme on Entrepreneurship Development and Financial Inclusiveness, for measures in favour/support of CSOs/and to propose feasible modalities for EU support for the benefit of entrepreneurs and TVET graduates in Malawi.

2018/04 Italy (22) TA2017164 IT HUB, FWC EIBas, LOT3

“National Logistics Information Technology Platform Business Case”
The overall objective of this Assignment will be to advise UIRNet to determine the scope, business case and financial viability of the Project.

2018/03 République Centrafricaine (185) Nr. 2017/395461, FWC BENEF 2013, LOT2

“Évaluation à mi-parcours avancé du Programme d’Appui au Secteur de l’entretien Routier et au Transport par voie d’eau”
L’évaluation à mi-parcours a pour principaux objectifs de présenter aux services de coopération extérieure concernés de l’Union européenne, au gouvernement partenaire et, le cas échéant, au grand public :
1) une appréciation globale, en toute indépendance, de la relevance et des résultats de l’intervention/action (PASER), en s’attachant plus particulièrement aux résultats du projet par rapport à ses objectifs, tel que décrits dans le cadre logique de la Convention de Financement,
2) les principaux enseignements de l’intervention et des recommandations afin d’améliorer les mesures en cours et les futures actions.

2018/01 République Démocratique du Congo (178) Nr. 2017/394216, FWC BENEF 2013, LOT2

“Mission d’appui aux infrastructures santé en RDC”
Le principal objectif de cette mission tend à soutenir, dans le cadre du plan national de développement sanitaire (PNDS) et dans le contexte global de la lutte contre la pauvreté, le progrès de la santé pour la population de la RDC.

2017/12 Turkey (175) Nr. 2017/390048, FWC BENEF 2013, LOT2

“Mapping out EU programming priorities in the field of intelligent transport services (ITS)”
The global objective of this assignment is to support the DEU in its programming efforts under the action 2 (intelligent transport system) of the transport sector operational program. The EU has earmarked certain funds for Turkey to benefit from instrument for pre-accession in the field of intelligent transport.

2017/12 Balkans (176) Nr. 2017/390894, FWC BENEF 2013, LOT2

“Evaluation of the Western Balkans Investment Framework Technical Assistance Instrument: the Infrastructure Project Facilities”
The overall objective of this assignment is to support the sustainable socio-economic growth of the Western Balkans by developing infrastructure through the WBIF.

2017/11 Haïti (172) Nr. 2017/390350, FWC BENEF 2013, LOT2

“Audit technique et financier des contrats de travaux et de services du programme binational de Ouanaminthe, Haïti”
L’objectif général de la présente mission est d’assurer le respect des conditions contractuelles par les contractants des marchés de travaux et service, notamment du point de vue technique et financier, afin d’obtenir les résultats du programme.

2017/11 Malawi (170) Nr. 2017/389582, FWC BENEF 2013, LOT2

“External Technical Audit of the Bwanje Valley”
The global objective of this assignment is to provide assurance to the EU Delegation, NAO SU, and Supervisor that the Contractor’s works and Supervising Consultant’s services are being carried out in accordance with their respective contracts with regard to the organisational, technical, contractual and financial aspects, during the implementation of the project.

2017/07 Romania (12) Nr. TA2017088 RO RP1 , FWC EIBas, LOT3

“Support to the Transport – LIOP Beneficiaries: CFR SA – Opinions on claims”
Objective: The overall objective of the Assignment is to assist the EIB PAS Team in their support to CFR SA.

2017/06 Romania (07) Nr. TA2016116, FWC EIBas, LOT4

“Access-to-finance conditions for companies investing in the Photonics and Micro-electronics/components companies”
Objective: The  overall  objective  of  this  Assignment  is  to  carry  out  a  mapping  of  the  key  access-to-finance conditions for companies working in the Photonics and Micro-electronics/components sectors in Europe.

2017/06 Serbia (162)  Nr. 13SER01/14/121, FWC BENEF 2013, LOT2

“Technical Assistance to the Customs Administration of the Republic of Serbia to tender Construction of Border Crossing Point (BCP) Kotroman”
Objective: The overall objective of this project is to improve the quality of the services of the Customs Administration, Border Police and the Veterinary Inspection services, increase the capacity of CAS, ensure efficient and effective integrated border control and improve the fight against illegal migration.

2017/04 Greece (07) Nr. TA2017028, FWC EIBas 2016, LOT3

“National Transport Plan for Greece”
Objective: The Ministry wishes to appoint a technical consultant (hereafter, the “Service Provider”) to support in the development of a Transport Plan that will facilitate the identification and justification of future necessary policies and investments in the transport sector (hereafter, the “Assignment”). The Transport Plan will be developed in tandem with the development of Strategic Transport Planning capabilities within the Ministry. Both activities are being undertaken with the support of JASPERS.

2017/01 Latin America (149)  Nr. 2016/380803, FWC BENEF 2013, LOT2

“Latin American Investment Facility (LAIF) Monitoring and technical advice”
Objective: improve the quality of the Latin American Investment Facility Programme (LAIF) – which in turn should contribute to poverty reduction.

2016/11 Bénin (137) Nr. 2016/379280, FWC BENEF 2013, LOT2

“Evaluation finale de deux projets dans le secteur de l’eau et de l’assainissement en zones rurales en Guinée-Bissau, identification et formulation du programme d’appui du même secteur dans le cadre du 11ème FED”.
Objectif : réaliser l’évaluation ex-post des deux projets et assurer pendant deux années un suivi régulier de la route et de son évolution technique.

2016/09 Niger (125) Nr. 2016/374419, FWC BENEF 2013, LOT2

“Mise en place d’audits techniques réguliers des marchés de travaux et de surveillance associés, pendant l’exécution des projets de réhabilitation des routes Balleyara – Filingué et Agadez-Tiguidit au Niger”.
Objectif : évaluer les prestations des titulaires des marchés de travaux et des titulaires des marchés de surveillance et contrôle d’un point de vue organisationnel, technique, contractuel et financier pendant la phase d’exécution du projet.

2016/05 Tchad (115) Nr. 2016/374454, FWC BENEF 2013, LOT2

“Appui aux activités de réception provisoire des travaux des AEP et des UPH dans le cadre du PAEPA”.
Objectif : contribuer à l’amélioration de manière durable des performances du secteur tchadien à l’accès à l’eau potable et au renforcement du cadre institutionnel.

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